College and Twink Guys Getting Bareback Fucked By Hot Daddies

Alex Hell and Oscar Hart

Added: 2015-11-04

Bad boy Oscar Hart has been fighting again and soon finds himself in the Generals office, with a black eye. Alex bends Oscar over his desk and starts to spank his ass, before deciding to use a dido on the boy. He forces Oscar to suck on the sex toy, and then his own hard cock. Then he uses the dildo on Hart’s tight ass to loosen it up for his favorite toy, The Hellbanger, a giant black dildo. Hart bounces up and down on it, taking as much as he can. Once he is nicely loosened up, Hell bends him over the desk and fucks the boy, until he can’t take anymore. Hart soon releases his load, while getting fucked. Then Alex forces his cock, and a dildo, into Hart’s mouth and shoots his giant load down the boys throat.