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Alijandro and Billy

Added: 2018-07-03

Alijandro Avila is the type of daddy that sits back and waits for boys to come to him, and that is exactly what Billy Song does. No words are necessary as they begin an erotic rub of their bodies, while Billy reaches for Alijandro’s big cock. Billy soon has it in his mouth, sucking on the uncut foreskin Daddy is feeding him. Alijandro bends him over and begins to finger the boy’s smooth little Asian asshole. He spits to lube his hole and open it up for his massive dick. Then he slides his cock up Billy’s ass and begins to bareback fuck the young bottom. Billy grabs onto his horny muscle daddy as he is carried to the sling where he gets his ass pounded hard and deep. Finally, Alijandro releases a cum gusher that floods the boy’s asshole with warm Latin daddy seed.