College and Twink Guys Getting Bareback Fucked By Hot Daddies

Daddy Ray Barebacks Thomas Fiaty

Added: 2021-10-19

Sargent Cutler is interrogating Thomas for any useful information he may have. Cutler shouts at him, hoping to intimidate the young man, but this doesn’t seem to frighten the boy who just smirks at the man. Cutler starts to get angry and bends Thomas over his desk, spanking his cute butt, before resorting to more creative measures. He takes out his hard dick and shoves it down the boy’s throat. Cutler then notices Thomas is hard, so tries to tease the information out of him by playing with his dick. At this point, both are far too horny to ignore their sexual desires. Cutler fucks Thomas over his desk, in a variety of positions, until he shoots his cum load, followed soon after by his young bottom.