College and Twink Guys Getting Bareback Fucked By Hot Daddies

Daddy Victor Barebacks Ceaser Xes

Added: 2022-05-17

With Ceaser Xes at the door and looking sexy, Victor Cody is eager to get the boy’s clothes off and have a taste of his big uncut cock. Soon he’s playing with the foreskin, pulling and sucking on it. Then Cesar gets his lips wrapped around Victor’s cock and takes a deep face fucking. Next, Victor leans Ceasar back and starts rimming his ass, thrusting his tongue in and out, before replacing it with hard cock. Once Victor gets his raw meat deep into the boy, he proceeds to bareback fuck Cesar in every position the boy can take. He fucks the cum right out of the boy and then licks up every last drop. Victor is turned on by the taste of Cesar’s seed and delivers a massive load of his own, right up the boy’s ass.