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Double Penetrating Young Yuri Adamov

Added: 2022-02-08

Officers Alex Hell and Ray Cutler enter the room where young soldier Yuri is relaxing. Wanting to take advantage of the young man the horny superiors make him do some exercising, before stripping him naked and spanking his young ass. He is then told to suck their cocks and Yuri does what he’s told. He goes down on both officers until they are rock hard. Then Alex and Ray take turns barebacking Yuri, with Cutler giving him a good doggie pounding, while he sucks Hell’s cock. Alex follows, fucking the boy on his back, before they decide to give both of their cocks to the young man, at the same time. Yuri enjoys every inch, as the two double penetrate his young ass. Finally the officers release their cum loads into Adamov’s mouth, as he strokes out his own load.