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Priest Victor and Yuri Adamov

Added: 2015-09-23

It’s the day for Yuri Adamov to take his big gym test. First up is the horse and Yuri is failing miserably at it. Priest Victor gets annoyed with the boy and shows him exactly how to mount the horse. Knowing he’s not going to perform well, young Yuri tries seducing his older gym teacher. Priest Victor likes what he see’s and quickly forgets about Yuri’s gym test. Soon the good priest is playing with Yuri’s cute little ass, which leads to some passionate kissing. Yuri then sucks the priest hard cock, and licks his nipples. Unable to contain himself, priest Victor bends Yuri over and rims his willing hole, before fucking the boy nice and hard over the gym horse. Next he climbs onto the gym horse, and Yuri mounts his hard cock for another round of fucking. Then, in the doggie position, Priest Victor pounds the boy hard, until Yuri can’t contain himself and cums all over the gym floor. Victor pulls from and finishes himself off by shooting his warm cum all over Yuri’s gaping hole.