College and Twink Guys Getting Bareback Fucked By Hot Daddies

Joris and Alvin

Added: 2018-10-02

Joris is on his belly enjoying the fingers of young Alvin when he suddenly feels a hand making its way south. It isn’t long before the massage has moved to the mature man’s cock and you don’t hear him complaining. Joris flips onto his back and the skinny twink continues with the handjob. Then Alvin bends down and takes that big daddy cock in his mouth. Joris reaches over and grabs hold of the twink’s growing dick and soon the two are enjoying a 69. Joris takes advantage of the position to rim the young man’s ass, and Alvin responds by taking every inch of the man’s big dick up his skinny ass. The bareback fucking continues, with Alvin bent over the table and we get some good close-ups of the anal action and ass breeding that follows.