College and Twink Guys Getting Bareback Fucked By Hot Daddies

Joris, Nestor and Ferdinand

Added: 2018-07-24

This is the audition video that got Latin boy Nestor cast in a Bareback Me Daddy scene. Seated in front of the camera, the young man is presented with a big uncut dick to suck on. After servicing daddy Joris the two kiss, as Nestor’s clothes are stripped off. With both naked, the oral continues, and soon producer Ferdinand adds his dick for the boy to suck on. Then, on all fours, Nestor continues sucking Ferdinand, while Joris licks his ass. Tongue is soon replaced with hard cock, and little Nestor finds himself getting bareback spit roasted by the two daddies. Ferdinand goes back to focusing on the camera work, while Joris fucks the boy in a couple of more positions, ending with Nestor wearing both of their cum loads.