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Mitch and Joel

Added: 2022-07-26

Cute young twink Joel is home alone playing video games while he waits for his sexy daddy to get home. Mitch arrives and oh boy is he horny. Taking a seat next to his boy, he begins to arouse his attention away from the video game by rubbing his cock through his blue jeans. Joel begins take interest and shuts off the game and focuses on his bearded daddy. Soon they are kissing and heating up the room. Young twink Joel goes down on his daddy and sucks cock like a good boy. Daddy Mitch stands his boy up, bending him over and starts rimming his ass. Joel moaning, daddy spits and shoves his hard cock into the twink and starts pounding. They bareback fuck in several positions until Mitch blows his load all over Joel’s bunghole and shoves it back in.